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Donate to protect nature

Donate to the Earth Hour campaign directly by choosing your donation amount

Could help plant more trees, creating more precious homes for thousands of native animals. 
Could help install more specialist nest boxes – vital for many threatened animals to shelter and breed. 
Could help increase the capacity of wildlife hospitals so more injured animals survive.
Could help drive campaigns strengthening laws to protect critical native forests.
Could help restore large areas of habitat using innovative drone seeding technology.

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Fundraise for Earth Hour 2023

This Earth Hour, we're calling on you to donate and join a worldwide movement of millions acting for nature.

Our environment continues to degrade at an alarming pace. Eastern Australia is among the 24 global deforestation fronts – we are the only developed nation on this list. An estimated 200,000 trees are bulldozed in Australia every day. That’s 8,000 trees every hour. 

But you can help change that!  

Every year hundreds of millions of people around the world take part in Earth Hour. For 60 minutes people in more than 7,000 cities in over 190 countries switch off their lights as a symbolic gesture of solidarity to show they care about our planet and its future.

Earth Hour isn't just about switching off your lights. Our aim is to spark global conversations on the impacts of climate change and inspire positive action to protect our natural world.

This year, Earth Hour is at 8:30pm local time Saturday 25 March. We're inviting all Australians to donate and join the global community of millions supporting stronger action on climate change.

Your donation will help create a better future for people and planet. Donate this Earth Hour and be part of the solution. 

You can also donate to a personal fundraiser!