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This month we are proudly support the work of WWF Australia and their efforts in protecting our endangered species and habitats. 

Will you click the DONATE button to support our efforts?

Australia is surrounded by breathtaking coastlines and oceans that are home to a magnificent array of marine wildlife. Not only that, but our seas give us life. They provide oxygen and food, and allow us to explore an underwater world of natural beauty.

But all of that is increasingly under threat. Climate change is draining the colour from Australia’s most treasured natural wonder - the Great Barrier Reef. Plastic is littering our coasts and polluting our oceans. Unsustainable fishing practices are pushing vulnerable wildlife to the brink. Australian marine parks continue to have their protection downgraded.

But there is hope.

WWF-Australia is committed to protecting our oceans so that future generations can continue to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Please help me  save our planet by giving whatever you can. The more people know about WWF-Australia's work, the greater their impact, so please will you spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! 

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