For the whales!

By Jarrod McKenna

My inspiration

Many of you know that I recently returned from Antarctica: the most magical, impressive, awe inspiring place I’ve ever had the privilege to visit. However, Antarctica and its wildlife are under threat from climate change, over fishing, pollution and blocked migratory routes. 

While many of us feel helpless… we’re not. Small changes we can make in our personal lives to decrease our carbon footprint or to live more sustainably make a huge difference.

But, to protect the whales migratory routes from the tropics all the way down to Antarctica, we need to make sure those routes are free from obstruction, pollution, and mining - which is exactly what this fundraiser will help with! WWF actively works in creating Marine Protected Areas to provide safe refuges for wildlife to live and adapt.

I've never felt more passionate about saving an animal species before. So much so, that if my $1000 goal is met… I’ll shave my head as an added incentive! 

With that in mind, please 
consider hitting the DONATE button to support our efforts in creating new marine reserves and protected areas so whales can live and move freely between the oceans they call home.  

To find out more about the WWF's work, follow this link:

Thank you so much! 

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Thank you to my sponsors for helping to save the planet!


Ma And Pa Mckenna

Looking forward to the photos



Well done Jarrod. I can’t do what you’re doing so I hope my donation helps… plus I want to see you bald 😁



Keep going legend!


Roman Clavadetscher

I want to see you bold, buddy 😉 Great idea to start a fundraiser.


Trang Nova

Love your work Jarrod!


Sean Hewes

Good Luck!


Rachel Ella

You really are an inspiration!


Jen Martin

You're an absolute star Jarrod!!


Fleur Hickman

Of course for the whales but going bald was the kicker


Anna Sinnott

Fantastic idea to start a fundraiser 🐋


Jillian Morphet


Sarah Poole

Well done Jarrod! Great work


Julia Cleghorn



Jordan Sorby

<3 well done mate!


Nicky Butler


Karina B

I’m paddling out in spirit today. Save the whales.



Great cause Jarrod!


Jesse Crowe

Keep sharing science and saving the whales king!