Madden's Fight For The Planet

By Madden Goulter

I've created this page because I want to help protect nature and our planet!  

Madden is turning 10 on November 9th. 

He is quite the environmentalist and already donates every month to save the platypus. We've just added saving trees to his WWF donations. 

He's having a birthday party where he's likely to receive more presents than he will use. He's not a materialistic person at all. 

He would be so incredibly pleased if anyone could donate to this important cause for his birthday. 

You can donate as a one-off, or monthly, or adopt a koala or platypus. 

Anyone who knows Madden knows he is going to do big things for this world, and it would be so encouraging and heart-warming for him to know that his friends and family are backing him to save the planet. What's more important than our home?

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Thank you to my sponsors for helping to save the planet!


Bek Goulter

Well done Madden. You are a beautiful human being. 💕



What a wonderful thing to do for your Birthday . I hope you have an amazing day. Lots of love from Nunu x x



Madden, I'm so proud of you. You're an incredible human being.


James & Judith Goulter Bush

Have a great birthday Madden. Doing this is a credit to you.


Tracey Lynn

Happy Birthday Madden 🥰