Rhiannon's 12th Birthday

By Sarah Klenbort

I've created this page because I want to help protect nature and our planet!

I'm having a Penguin Party this year. Instead of presents for my birthday this year, I'm raising to raising funds to help penguins and other animals for WWF-Australia. 

Please consider donating to my page and helping WWF-Australia protect our precious nature. Your support would mean the world to me on my special day.

Thank you so much!

Rhiannon (and family)

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Mootie And Pop

12 year old Rhiannon X 5 Penguins = Pop and Mootie wishing Rhiannon a great birthday and a great party!


Rhiannon Harris

Happy 12th Birthday, Rhiannon! Love from Mum, Dad and Kaitlyn


Alford Family

Dear Rhiannon! Happy 12th Birthday! I hope you have an outstanding birthday 🎂 enjoy your ice skating party! 🥳 from Otis


Isla Malynn

Happy birthday Rhiannon! We're very happy to support this great cause. Thanks for the opportunity!


Hazel Freeman

Happy birthday Rhiannon!!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help wildlife 😃 it feels so special to help animals. Hope you had a great birthday 🥳 .