Ascham School

By Olivia Dight

We've created this page because we want to come together in drama and give back to our planet  

Ascham's Drama program would like not only to showcase the immense talent in each performance, but to impact the people around us in a positive way. This enables people to come together in drama and collectively give back. 

Therefore, since one of the main themes of the upcoming middle school production is climate change, we have decided to partner with and are raising money for WWF Australia. Please consider supporting the charity because collective (especially in drama) we can make a difference

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Thank you to my sponsors for helping to save the planet!


Sarah Colquhoun

Make a positive change


Rachel Dear

Well done Anna C, Isla B, Iona Mc and Sunmer on a fabulous performance tonight!


Tom Davidson Mcleod

Very best wishes Olivia!! I miss you the class greatly and I’ll be sending you all aggressively positive vibes for Year 12. Remember! A wild thing may say wild things.






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