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Are you ready to get active and raise funds for nature? Run, swim, hike, skip, jump or walk on the wild side! No matter what you decide your challenge will be, you can raise funds to tackle the biggest and toughest challenges facing the planet.


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Every dollar you raise helps conserve Australia's unique wildlife and habitats – become a part of the solution today!

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Pick your challenge!

Challenge Yourself

Have a fitness challenge idea? Run, swim, hike, skip, jump or walk on the wild side in your own pace and raise funds for nature today.

Join an Event

Take part in a major fitness event in your area and fundraise for nature. There are plenty of events you can join across the country! 

Big or small, YOU can make a DIFFERENCE

Alyssa's Big swim!

Meet Alyssa, an inspirational young woman with a passion for nature. 
From the age of six, Alyssa has been driven to make positive change for our planet. She has volunteered, advocated and led the work towards turning her school carbon-neutral. But Alyssa was determined to continue her impact to protect and restore nature by taking on a BIG fitness challenge... 

… to swim the English Channel!

In September last year, Alyssa braved chilly conditions to start the 35km stretch from England to France. Sharing the water with thousands of jellyfish and battling choppy waters didn’t stop Alyssa from completing her challenge. She swam for 10 hr 51 minutes and raised over $10,000 for WWF-Australia. This girl is incredible!  

We hope Alyssa's swim inspires you to act for nature. Whether a massive swim, a hike through nature, a skip-a-thon or joining a running event, you can start your own challenge and raise funds for nature today. 

Your effort can make an impact


PROTECT our native animals from the threats pushing them to extinction


RESTORE and protect habitats to halt biodiversity loss and support a stable climate


INNOVATE impactful solutions to reduce the stress of climate change and its effect on nature

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